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Our expertise in planned maintenance, equipment upgrades, capital financing, and energy services can substantially lower your total operating costs.

We will learn how your facility operates and customize our programs to minimize production downtime, improve productivity, and improve employee comfort.

We provide comprehensive services, along with detailed documentation and long-term plans that comply with all regulatory requirements, including those required by the Joint Commission.

We have the expertise to maintain your infrastructure and operations. We deploy a trained and capable field technician with innovative facility management technology.

We are trusted by many federal, state, and municipal facilities to deliver an efficient, turnkey solution that provides economies of scale and creates cost savings.

EMC Mechanical Services has been trusted to provide long-term system improvement plans that deliver a financial return on investments, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Our proactive approach prevents issues, and our field technicians are available 24/7. You can trust us to provide reliable service and maintenance to ensure your big event is not disrupted.

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Attention to Detail

In my years of experience with EMC Mechanical Services, I have found that attention to detail is a hallmark of the organization. It is apparent in the quality of the work installed, in the attitude of the employees, in project efficiency, and the ability to stay on schedule. I believe good organizational leadership and planning are the key ingredients to the success of EMC Mechanical Services.

Kenneth Lankey

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