With over 25 years of experience and today’s cutting-edge technology, EMC Mechanical Services Pre-Construction team is ready to assist you quickly and accurately, with deliverables that are second to none:

EMC Mechanical Services has experience in a wide variety of pre-construction services, including but not limited to:
  • Design build
  • Design assist
  • Conceptual estimating
  • Budget control (detect cost challenges early)
  • Value analysis and value alternatives with an open book policy
  • GMP proposals
  • Schedule development
  • CAD services


The EMC Mechanical Services Special Projects Division specializes in providing unique solutions to complex problems. The Special Projects Division manages small-budget new construction projects, equipment replacements, renovations, and retrofits.

This team focuses on working with general contractors, construction managers, and end-users to negotiate jobs that require a quick turnaround.

EMC Mechanical Services has experience in a wide variety of HVAC specialties, including but not limited to:
  • Design-build HVAC and plumbing systems or engineered projects
  • Medical gas piping systems
  • Medical imaging systems
  • LEED-certified HVAC and plumbing systems
  • Variable flow refrigerant systems
  • Backflow prevention, including certification
  • Piping systems including steam, gas, hot and chilled water
  • ADA-compliant plumbing systems
  • Custom sheet metal fabrication and installation
  • Commissioning
  • Automatic temperature control systems
  • Energy audits
  • Energy-based saving plans


The EMC Mechanical Services Major Projects Division typically manages large-scale HVAC, plumbing, construction, and renovation contracts. Projects historically range from large building renovations to new facilities. These projects are obtained through the plan and specification open market bidding process or by select list negotiations.

EMC Mechanical Services has experience in a wide variety of mechanical equipment and systems, including but not limited to:
  • Chillers and boilers
  • Packaged and built-up air handling units
  • Packaged rooftop units
  • Laboratory fume exhaust systems
  • Acid waste, neutralization, and vent piping 
  • Hydronic heating and cooling
  • Direct expansion cooling
  • Steam heating systems
  • Backflow prevention and certification
  • ADA-compliant plumbing systems
  • Value engineering
  • Medical gas piping