Certified Med Gas Plumbers

Specialized Technicians

The functionality and reliability required by and for hospitals and medical facilities have significantly increased over the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. EMC Mechanical Services understands the importance of properly installed and functioning plumbing and ventilation/gas systems. In addition to the precautionary measures that our technicians must follow to preserve the facility’s safe and clean environment.

EMC is knowledgeable of the care and precautions that go into installing, repairing, or maintaining the plumbing and air systems found in medical buildings. When you choose EMC, you’re not only choosing skilled technicians, but CCHW certified technicians who understand the risk of contaminants in such an environment. Each member of our team closely follows all COVID restrictions and precautions put in place by the CDC.

What we provide:

  • Hospital Plumbing Maintenance & Repair
  • Medical Gas (MedGas) Installation & Repair

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Proper installation and reliable operation of MedGas systems are crucial to keeping patients and professionals safe, especially when dealing with easily transmissible diseases such as COVID-19.

The responsibility that falls on the technicians is not lost on us, and we fully understand all requirements, protocols, and precautions that must be followed to ensure a functional and reliable system.


Hospitals and medical facilities usually have a high concentration of patients and staff. With high volume usage, proper plumbing maintenance will prevent issues with drain systems that can jeopardize the sterile environment.

The safety of those working and staying within these facilities while maintenance or installation is being completed is our top priority. It’s your job to keep everyone safe, and it’s our job to assist, not hinder, that job.