Building Automation

EMC Mechanical Services’s Building Automation Solutions provides customized, web-based energy management solutions for today’s sustainable buildings all throughout the Greater Richmond, VA area. We are experts at making buildings and their processes work together to conserve resources with seamless and optimum efficiency.

Whether new construction or retrofit, our in-house engineers and certified technicians can design and install customized solutions to reduce energy use, increase operational efficiency and improve a facility’s performance.

Building Automation Services Richmond, Virginia

We design solutions that are easily managed and controlled in real-time. The results are multiple paybacks in the form of performance efficiency, reduced capital and operational expenses, and greater returns.

  • System Application Engineering
  • Custom Panel Design
  • Multi-Protocol Integration
  • Multi-System Integration
  • Third Party Integration / Custom Programming
  • Central Plant Optimization
  • Field Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Energy Assessments

Product Expertise & Certified Technicians