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25 May, 2021
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VCU Health Cardiac Catheterization Lab

EMC Mechanical Services has a large focus on Healthcare and the Medical Industries. We perform service and special project installations at many local and area Medical Facilities and Clinics. One recent project was the renovation of VCU Health’s cardiac catheterization lab at VCU Medical Center.

Cardiac catheterization labs or cath labs, are very complex procedure rooms that require coordination of multiple systems located in the ceiling, including lighting, air delivery, structural boom mounts, rail structures, power, and medical gas coordination.

All of these systems must be coordinated and installed by multiple trades in a tight space.

The CLEANSUITE® fully-integrated operating room ceiling system is a custom air delivery system that incorporates all of these components into a modular, easily installed package that significantly reduces installation time and risk associated with multiple trades all working simultaneously.

CLEANSUITE® is designed to provide laminar air flow over the operating room table, contributing to a significant reduction in the airborne contaminants in the surgical sterile field.  Its integral aluminum extrusions allow for LED Lighting to be placed throughout the system and directly over the patient to help increase light levels for VCU Health’s Pauley Heart Center team to work efficiently and effectively.  The aluminum extrusions also allow for the required Uni-Strut to be placed in the system per the specifications of General Electric imaging equipment used in the Cath Lab.  CLEANSUITE also incorporates all of the boom mounting plates and structural components for a seamless installation.


Redundancy in an air delivery system is also important to a hospital.  VCU Health decided to utilize a Temtrol Rapid Knockdown Air Handling Unit with FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® to help keep their procedure rooms online, even in the event of a fan/motor failure.  With four supply fans on individual VFDs and FANWALL® Optimization Control, the AHU can turn off and on fans to maintain peak efficiency throughout the AHU operating range.  This, along with smaller motor horsepower and fan wheels, provides an air handling system with the best reliability and lowest total cost of ownership.

Nortek Air Solutions, the parent company of Huntair and Temtrol, provides custom air handling and air delivery solutions for Healthcare and Operating Procedure Rooms.  Sole source responsibility allows for the project to be delivered on time and in budget.

Contact EMC Mechanical Services for more information on how we can help with your future Healthcare Projects.