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25 May, 2021
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The Jefferson Hotel

EMC Mechanical Services is Installing Confidence in the City of Richmond once again! We began restoring another Richmond Historical Landmark with the beautiful Jefferson Hotel. A hotel that has been part of the Richmond skyline since 1895 is bound to need updates after two fires, alligators living in the Palm Court and countless famous guests over the years.


Jefferson Hotel, Richmond Va ca. 1930-1945

The latest renovation reduces the total number of guest rooms and increases the size of each room, bringing the new total to 185 rooms. A previous renovation in 1986 gave the hotel 285 rooms but the new design offers guests much more space. The construction process started with the demolition phase, which was followed by the mock up phase that took approximately six months to complete. The construction phase could not start until the owners were satisfied with the room designs, which included installing marble floors and showers, and replacing all the furniture, fixtures, and carpeting. The first phase of construction began in June of 2014. There were a total of 77 guest rooms in the first phase followed by 54 units in each of the second and third phases. Each of the six floors have one large guest suite on each floor.

Some of EMC’s responsibilities included installing new plumbing fixtures, water source heat pumps, and replacing the existing domestic water system. We also installed new exhaust air systems, and upgraded the condensing water loop feeding the HVAC units. The first phase of the project is to be completed in March of this year, with phase two starting right after completion.

This has been a great job so far and we’re so looking forward to the next phases of construction followed by the completion of the renovation of the Jefferson Hotel.