Metal Fabrication & Duct Solutions

Each year over 1.5 million pounds of raw materials, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, black iron, aluminum, PVC, and other specialty products, are cut, sheared, formed, welded, sealed, assembled, painted, and shipped by EMC Mechanical Services’ Metal Fabrication Department.
The shop’s diversified customer base reflects its ability to service commercial, industrial, residential, distributors, and other specialty fabrication of all kinds.
The Metal Fabrication shop works closely with EMC Mechanical Services CAD department and utilize up-to-date CAD software to design, cut, and fabricate duct according to our client’s specific needs.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Coil line trunk duct
  • HVAC duct and fittings
  • Spiral duct and fittings
  • Double wall duct & fittings
  • Roof curbs, roof rails, adaptors, supports
  • Fan housings, plenums
  • Opposed blade, parallel dampers
  • Pipe shields/saddles