I would like to take this opportunity to express what a pleasure it has been to work with EMC Mechanical Services over the past two years and on previous projects. The Project Team for EMC Mechanical Services did their part to help ensure that the Highland Springs Project was a success. EMC Mechanical Services was a team player and was always willing and prepared to provide valuable input with regards to the requirements to complete areas of the school in a timely manner for the school’s use. There were minimal interruptions to the schools activities throughout the construction process. The project was a highly coupled phased renovation that required careful consideration of the school’s needs along with coordination between the all project stakeholders. This project required team collaboration, flexibility, and an extensive amount of communication. EMC Mechanical Services team was up to the challenge and were truly at the top of their game when information was needed in order to keep the project rolling. EMC Mechanical Services played an instrumental role in the success of this project.
Because of the professionalism and hard work ethics they have displayed, I would look forward to working with EMC Mechanical Services on future projects.

Catherine Underwood
Highland Springs High School Additions and Renovations, Henrico County, VA

I am writing in response to our recent conversation regarding a letter of recommendation addressing some of the work I was involved in that you have completed. I would like to expand that response to include not only work completed, but work ethic and change order minimization.

In my years of experience with EMC Mechanical Services, I have found that attention to detail is a hallmark of the organization. This attention to detail manifests itself in a number of ways: it is apparent in the quality of the work installed; it is apparent in the attitude of the employees and their interface with other trades; it is apparent in project efficiency and the ability to stay on schedule; and, it is a reflection of the philosophy of the EMC Mechanical Services management team. I believe good organizational leadership and planning are the key ingredients in the success of EMC Mechanical Services.

Kenneth E. Lankey
A/E Program Manager
Department of Military Affairs

I am writing to congratulate EMC Mechanical Services for their role as a Team Member on the John Tyler Community College – Godwin Hall Renovation at the Chester Campus. The project is a multi-phase job, completed while the Owner occupies other parts of the building, which, as you are aware, has made the project more challenging. The EMC Mechanical Services contribution to the project is approximately $1,700,000 of a $5,350,000 project.
Each phase has ended on schedule and through combining the work of some phases is allowing the project to complete about 6 months before the original completion date.
EMC Mechanical Services has contributed to the success of the project by timely completion of its work, close coordination with the General Contractor and other trades, and efficient installation of its work.
I congratulate EMC Mechanical Services for its efforts on Godwin Hall, as well as other projects on which we have worked together and wish you great success as you move forward with your next project.
On behalf of Daniel & Company, I congratulate you on your efforts on the Daniel Team, at Godwin Hall, as it has been an integral part of the success of the project.

Letter of Commendation JTCC – Godwin Hall