Microbac Laboratory, NC.

EMC Mechanical Services assisted with the Smoking Lab by installing temperature and humidity control (we are one of the exclusive contractors in Richmond using ASI DDC controls).  Included are exhaust fans with their own control for each machine.  At night instead of still treating 100% outside air, control dampers allows the Lab to recirculate air from within helping in energy costs and eliminating  the Lab from being shut down or having longer than normal ramp up to Lab conditions for testing. We took it a step further, all other labs and conditioned spaces within the 33,000sq ft facility are also on the same DDC system that controls the Lab functions.  The ASI controls are start to finish, meaning we install all the hardware, pull the wire, and perform the programming for all the equipment along with the front end graphics.  We are confident that having better control of the facility and monitoring all changes will help Microbac in there day to day managing.  Great working with Richard and his Team to launch this endeavor.

Microbac Launches Center of Excellence for Tobacco Products

Wilson, NC – Microbac Laboratories,
Inc., in response to expanding regulatory actions, has announced the
establishment of the Center of Excellence for Tobacco Products at its
Wilson, North Carolina (USA) Division laboratory.

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009 (FSPTCA) was
enacted June 22, 2009 (H.R. 1256), amending the Federal Food, Drug, and
Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), and further regulating tobacco products by the Secretary
of Health and Human Services through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Among the law’s three sections, the manufacturing component sets rules to
reduce or eliminate harmful ingredients. The purpose of this regulation is to
create a standard for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which can include
testing for pesticide residues and other potentially harmful compounds.

“Making the investment to establish controlled environments to further support
tobacco products testing is a natural extension of Microbac’s long history of
supplying analytical services for tobacco and other FDA-regulated products,”
said Robert Crookston, Microbac’s Vice President of Business
Development. “This addition enables the development of methodology for the full
list of smoke constituents for manufactured products.”

Construction of the Center has already begun with operational qualification
expected to occur in February 2012. The Center of Excellence for Tobacco
Products will be located within the Wilson Division’s 33,000 square foot
facility which is already FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant for the purpose of
testing FDA-regulated markets such as pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements,
cosmetics, and agrochemical residues.

“We are excited to have this opportunity as one of the very few truly
independent labs in the market,” said Dr. Richard Higby, Managing
Director of the Wilson Division.